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Lubec Landmarks

Lubec Landmarks Facts

Lubec Landmarks, Inc. was founded as a nonprofit in 1995 with the aim of preserving the history of the sardine and herring industry of the region.

When operation ceased at McCurdy's Smokehouses and the facilities were closed a large majority of the equipment was left behind. This now constitutes the museum's collection. Equipment such as dip nets, a spudger, herring sticks, a herring horse and herring boxes are now on display in the smokehouse museum.

Lubec Landmarks' main holding is McCurdy's Smokehouse, which was the last smokehouse in Lubec to close when it finally did so 1991. It was added to the national Register of Historic Places in 1993. The smokehouse now serves as a museum. Nearby Mulholland Brother market, where the prepared fish was once shipped all over the U.S. as well as to Canada and the Caribbean, now serves as a gallery and gift shop.

The buildings of the McCurdy Smokehouse complex are in a particularly precarious state. While the skinning and pickling sheds have undergone extensive repairs, the funds are not yet available to restore the smokehouse itself. Until that point at which they are, sister pilings and caps have been placed under the building to support it. The second smokehouse in the complex collapsed during a 1997 Nor'easter.